Sennheiser Pc 363D Vs 373D 2024: Which One to Choose?

Are you planning to buy a new headset? Are you confusing between Sennheiser Pc 363d Vs 373d? Then you come to the right place.

Sennheiser has been making gaming headsets for some time. The PC 350 series is widely considered to be one of the most popular gaming headsets. Its recent GAME lineup has been praised for its sound quality and precise directional positioning.

Sennheiser’s latest flagship gaming headset for PC gamers is the PC 373D. It is the successor to its 2013 PC 363D gaming headset. Both headsets are identical in design and aesthetics. But Sennheiser now offers its own configuration software, allowing users to personalize the sound in a limited amount. Let’s find out!

Comparing Sennheiser Pc 373d Vs 363d

Comparing Sennheiser Pc 373d Vs 363d

Sennheiser PC 373D

Design and Comfort

The PC 373D is almost identical to its predecessor, the PC 363D. The PC 373D has the same plastic structure with slits at both the earcups. This supports its open-back design. The only changes to the PC 373D are the redlining in the ear cups and the mic’s two horizontal cuts.

The volume control is embedded in the right earcup of the PC 373D, much like the PC 363D. Although the controller was functional most of the time, I found it a little loose.

It would change its position if the headset were moved around too much. This led me to make a habit out of constantly checking that the controller was in the right position each time I wore it, something I shouldn’t be doing.

Sennheiser PC 373D

As it has a USB connector, the PC 373D was designed for PC gaming. Although it works with the PS4, the sound quality is not good enough to make any real use of.

The headset is not the problem, but the PS4’s USBs are insufficiently powerful to power USB-based headsets. The ridiculously long cable that came with the PC 373D may be removed from the headset.

Technically, however, it is possible to use the cable if it attaches properly to the headset. It’s possible, but I haven’t tested it, so don’t quote me.

Sennheiser’s surround sound dongle is attached to the headset’s cable. The headset’s cable is played with a Dolby button to turn the surround sound function on or off. It is marked with a small LED that indicates whether red or white is ‘off’ and ‘on’. The dongle is lightweight and small, so it does not add weight to the headset.

Open-back headsets like the PC 373D have sound leakage after volume exceeds 30-40%. They’re not the best companion for taking to work or public places unless you want to share your playlist.

The XXL velvet padding in the ear cups and the headband are very comfortable. It wraps around your head comfortably and doesn’t produce too much heat.

The clamping force was too strong for consistent comfort. Sometimes I had to remove the headset from my ears to prevent it from hurting. I would then fiddle with the earcups for hours until I found the perfect position.

The headband didn’t seem to be loosening even after two weeks of continuous use. Similar problems occurred when I tried Sennhesier’s GAME headset line, and it is disappointing that this aspect has not been improved.

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Before I get into the sound of the PC 373D, let me talk about the configuration software included with it. It is undoubtedly the easiest configuration software I’ve used to configure anything even remotely related to gaming products.

The PC 373D Surround sound dongle software is lightweight and stylish. It allows you to modify the sound in very few ways.

You can adjust the equalizer presets and microphone noise reduction settings, as well as the level of sidetone that you wish to receive from your headset.

Although most settings can be set and forgotten, presets will make your life easier. Presets Music, eSports, and Game are not very impressive.

The Music and Game preset add a lot of basses to make everything sound muddy and incoherent. While the eSports preset should not be illegal, it is.

It completely cuts out all sound levels and amplifies the treble up to 11. It is used to highlight footsteps or directional sounds in online gaming, but the sound it produces is so loud and sharp it can cut right through your eardrums. You can set the equalizer to “Off,” and it will do the trick.

The PC 373D ranks among the top leagues in neutral. The lows may be a bit more detailed, but it still packs a punch. While the highs and mids are excellently controlled and have lots of richness and detail, they are just as powerful.

The PC 373D produces a beautiful sound that is rich, vibrant, and punchy. Although I don’t have either the PC 363D or the GAME lineup, I can say that it has more bass than my Sennheiser HD598, which I love, and its sound signature is more pleasing and cools the HD598 with its warmer tones.

The HD598’s feather-like comfort would be my choice if it were available in the PC 373D. The headset can produce a large sound-stage when playing games, but it isn’t as full-formed and airy as the HD598.

This was evident in Titanfall 1, where the warzone’s distant battles and the metal crunching sound of the Titans were much more contained than the HD598’s sprawling stage.

The PC 373D can still do the job well as a standalone. The directional positioning is excellent. In games like Overwatch, I could locate Pharah’s ult above me or hear the Bastion’s beep as it turned a corner.

You might be wondering what surround sound is. It’s not a great sound system. It is a no-no for music because it can impede the voice quality and reduce the overall audio.

It’s subjective for movies and video games. It was not a great sounding option when I used it with Overwatch and Doom. However, it was very effective when I watched the Jungle Book. The surround sound was not turned on as the PC 373D can do enough without it.

The PC 373D has a microphone that automatically activates when it is brought down. It is not very good due to its low compression and inability to filter out hard ‘Ps and Bs’. Although it cannot stream or record audio, it is clear enough to use for VOIP and online gaming.


  • Amazing audio quality
  • Great audio positioning and a spacious sound-stage
  • Inline controls and simple configuration software


  • Comfortable overall with a moderately firm clamp force
  • Mic quality is sub-par
  • Surround sound can be a mixed bag.

Sennheiser PC 363D

Design and comfort

The PC 363D looks similar to the stereo Sennheiser PC 350 SE. The plastic is not very attractive, and it feels a little less premium than it should, given the PS200 price. It is constructed like a brick commode.

Particularly the microphone, which is often vulnerable, is very solid. To prevent tangles, the cable is long and wrapped in tough fabric. The only cable management system is a length of Velcro.

Sennheiser PC 363D

It’s not very stylish, but it does have the advantage of being comfortable for long gaming hours. The Sennheiser PC363D excels in this area.

It can be adjusted to a comfortable position, regardless of the head size and shape. The great ear pads, which are made of velvety-soft fabric, grip securely but not too hard.

The headband is soft and discreet. It weighs in at 249g for the headset alone, making it easy to wear for long periods without feeling any discomfort.

The integrated volume control is located on the right cup, so you can always find it and don’t need to look for the length of the cord. This is a clever feature that we quickly got used to and could use even during intense gaming without thinking.

The earcups of metal are fitted with slots. This allows the ears to breathe, and even after hours of gaming, our ears remained cool and comfortable. This Sennheiser headset is not like other headsets.

The open cup design has one problem. It lets in external sound but also leaks noise. Closed cup headsets are better if you play in a room with others watching TV or listening, but even if you don’t need it, the added comfort is worth it.


The sound quality of the PC 363D headset’s audio is outstanding. The 7.1 surround sound on the PC 363D headset is virtual, which differs from the Razer Tiamat headset.

You might not get the best out of your 7.1 sound card. The Sennheiser also comes with a 3D USB sound card G4ME1 that connects to the Sennheiser with mic and audio inputs.

After installing the drivers, you can switch between 2, 4, 5.1, and 7.1 surrounds. A toggle on the G4ME1 switches on Dolby Headphone, a processing technology that promises richer 7.1 sound.

The audio quality is excellent in practice. Our standard 7.1 test files showed that the channels were separated. If you switch on Dolby headphones, you will be rewarded with a brighter and more spacious sound.

The bass is present but not too loud. This is especially important for gaming, as too much bass can drown out subtle sounds like footsteps.

Gaming is the best way to test a headset. The Sennheiser PC 363D delivers a rich audio experience in Battlefield 4. It can reproduce all the sounds, explosions, and shrapnel brilliantly.

The 7.1 provides real direction and depth to the sound while still keeping speech clear and precise. This gives you an advantage as you can see from which direction the sneaky sniper’s bullet just missed you, giving you an extra edge. You will also be able to identify where your teammate is asking for assistance.

Sometimes the noise of battle can make it difficult to focus. However, you shouldn’t complain. It just shows how well the Sennheiser 363D makes you feel right there in the middle.

The PC363 is not a top-quality can, but they do a great job with music and film. The 7.1 surround sound system is balanced and smooth. You’ll enjoy watching movies on it.


  • High-quality audio and microphone capabilities
  • The clarity in voice is important and accurate
  • Bass is present, but not overwhelming


  • It’s expensive
  • It cannot be separated.

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How To Choose Sennheiser Headphones

Headphones for studio tracking

You don’t want the mics picking up the track from the artist’s headphones or the monitor mix when recording vocals and instruments.

Higher-output headphones can be used to overcome the effects of loud drum beats and guitar amps. The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro closed-back headphones are a favorite at Sweetwater because of their excellent sound quality, isolation, and comfortable fit.

How To Choose Sennheiser Headphones

The HD 300 PROtect closed-back monitoring headphones provide 32dB of acoustic isolation, making them ideal for drummers. They can also handle extremely high SPLs up to 123dB.

Sennheiser’s ActiveGard technology is also featured. This protects your hearing and limits incoming noise if it gets too loud. The HD 200 Pro closed-back headphones are a great option for studio equipment.

Headphones for Mastering and Mixing

Closed-back headphones provide isolation for studio recording, but open-back headphones can deliver the sonic detail and sonic precision you require for audio analysis.

Air flows freely around the drivers, so there is no distortion like in closed-back headphones. The HD 800 S headphones have the largest drivers on headphones.

Many engineers are amazed at the detail and realness they offer. These drivers are extremely powerful and provide incredible midrange detail.

The HD 700 headphones offer many of the same features but at a lower price. They are ideal for mixing and mastering. The HD 300 Pro headphones can be used when you need to have a more isolated sound source.

Headphones for Live Performance

Sennheiser offers a variety of in-ear headphones that can be used with wireless products. However, we know that musicians and DJs prefer traditional headphones to enhance their live performances.

High-SPL handling is essential to hear in noisy clubs and powerful bass response not to lose your groove. The HD 300 PROtect headphones have a great sound quality and are extremely comfortable to wear.

The HD 25-1 II headphones are great for DJs and other electronic musicians. They have a rotating earcup and high-SPL handling in noisy environments.

Headphones for Leisure Listening

You don’t need to have a perfect frequency response or the best sound quality. All you want is great music. The HD800 S headphones offer a superior listening experience to hi-fi systems.

Wireless freedom is key to enjoying music wirelessly as you move about your home. The RS 165 wireless headphones allow you to hear up to 60 feet and deliver outstanding Sennheiser sound quality.


There you have it – the comparison between 363d vs 373d. The Sennheiser PC363D is the best available. Although it lacks a design aesthetic, the PC 363D is more than compensated for by its outstanding audio and microphone capabilities.

If you have a tight budget, pc 373d is a great choice for you. In the end, the decision depends on your need. Thank you for spending your time at We are grateful for your support.

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