What Is RNG In Gaming? How does RNG Work In Games?

There are several terms in the gaming business that may be somewhat perplexing for gamers, including the phrase “RNG.” So, do you understand what is RNG in gaming? How does RNG work in games? Follow this article to the end with MedCPU to find out the solution!

What is RNG?

The word “RNG” stands for Random Number Generator (roughly translated: calculation/random selection). This word refers to possibilities or algorithms that are accompanied by lucky chances. RNG is an essential component of today’s e-sports, and the most popular games have some form of RNG.

Sometimes your efforts do not influence the outcome, but you must also rely on chance. Furthermore, in each game, the phrase “RNG” refers to different happenings.

Essentially, the word “RNG” refers to a mathematical equation. And depending on the developer’s programming, the game will consider specific parameters such as the character’s name, how long you play, the number of button clicks, and more to fill in the equation and provide the outcome.

If you understand how the term RNG works, you should be able to predict what will happen. As a result, some Final Fantasy players can forecast how Pokemon will evolve or which keys will receive numerous rare things because they understand how the RNG in that game works.

What is RNG

However, this doesn’t mean that random number generators are not used in competitive games. Counter-Strike Global Offensive uses RNG for how bullets hit targets. DOTA 2 uses RNG for how often opponents will be affected by abilities. The gameplay is unpredictable because of the element of randomness.

Why is RNG employed in the game?

RNG tools are used in games to improve their usability. They also significantly contribute to the game’s worth. However, whether an RNG is used for good or evil is ultimately up to sensible users. And because each game genre or player has a distinct perspective on RNG, it’s difficult to describe the rules exactly.

Furthermore, the appearance of RNG significantly influences the drama and attraction of the game. People will not care about them if they only provide accessible amusement. And, for each participant, you may look for a game you will enjoy rather than judge whether the RNG is excellent.

Pros and Cons of RNG


RNG has become an essential component in many games. If you’ve ever played one, many of the “backbone” mechanisms of role-playing games are based on the RNG platform.

For example, it was picking up in-game goods. If a creature has a spawn rate, and you kill it, will it drop anything beneficial for you? And how valuable is this item? All of these random aspects provide variety and significant value to the game.

Along with role-playing games, card games and any other genre may be used with the RNG algorithm. The problem, however, is not only the development in the diversity of the gaming experience but also the fact that everyone has a blood “bet” more or less, and “luck, bad luck” also has an enticing aspect. In general, RNG nomenclature is quite similar to the Gacha language.


The element of chance will provide both interest and challenge. However, too much “luck” will limit the player’s strategies and talents and the game’s worth. And in multiplayer online games, each player’s ability is always the most significant component. These games will almost certainly require a touch of a chance to provide surprise and diversity.

If you misuse RNG too much, the player’s skills will suffer greatly. And the game will no longer be a contest of ability and strategy, but simply “who is luckier than whom?” Will you be willing if you are a long-time player with a lot of knowledge and talents but have lost?

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Should RNG be used in video games?

To acquire a correct answer to this question, you must first understand the genre of the game you are playing and each person’s gaming interests. Because many players enjoy the element of unpredictability, each game will be a unique experience for the player. If there is no random aspect, these games will have to be the same dull way.

However, the majority of players have always been opposed to the element of randomness. They believe that it will muddy the player’s unique talents and make the game uneven. Esports games, in particular, frequently need individual skills, so the aspect of chance is highly resisted.

As a result, unpredictability is a component of the enormous game universe. And whether the RNG factor is appealing depends on the sort of game you play.

What's RNG in Gaming

How do RNGs function in the game?

Loot RNG

RNG is said to have significantly influenced loot-focused games such as Destiny, Diablo, and Borderlands. The prize you will earn when you uncover a treasure box or beat an adversary. These games provide a random award each time, so you may be lucky and receive an exceedingly rare item or a low-level default armor set.

To maintain the game’s balance, the confirmation of the prize (loot drop) is not entirely random. Because the game will restrict you from grabbing good weapons from the treasure chest you uncovered, simultaneously, each game will be handled differently, such as limiting the items supplied dependent on your present level. So, one of the reasons video games are so addictive is the desire to obtain a more fabulous treasure.

Calculate the Chance Percentage

Many games employ the RNG to determine the probability of an event occurring. This is common in role-playing games as well. For example, when a player hits an opponent, you may unleash a critical hit that does additional damage. This is also random. However, you may improve your odds in many games by utilizing certain items.

Procedural Generation through RNG

The RNG algorithm is crucial to Procedural Generation, a popular gaming trend. Procedural Generation also creates game material via a random algorithm rather than manually crafting it. Minecraft, for example, employs this approach. Popular games are also developed using Procedural Generation to provide players with a unique experience each time they play.

RNG in Speedrun

Many players have probably heard of the RNG algorithm in video games in a speedrunning context. As a result, game breakers want to complete the game as quickly as possible. Therefore, learning the game from the ground up takes a lot of practice.

As a result, RNG adds an element of surprise to speedrun games. While difficulties are widespread, RNG does not necessarily have a bad connotation in Speedrun because there will be specific variances between plays that can make the game more appealing and extend the gaming experience with a bit of fun luck.

RNG in Speedrunning

You might have heard of the video game RNG when you were speedrunning. Speedrunners strive to finish a game in the fastest time possible, so they practice to get to know the game. RNG, therefore, adds an element to speed runs that is unpredictable.

RNG can sometimes cause problems, but it isn’t always a problem in speed runs. It can be more enjoyable to have some variation between runs, as it makes it easier to improve your time with a bit of luck.

Minor to Moderate Speedrun NG

Sometimes RNG can be a minor factor in a run. Your total time won’t be affected by the exact location of enemies in a room or whether you receive a critical hit during a regular battle.

The RNG may also cause significant slowdowns in other situations. In Super Mario Sunshine, King Boo is defeated by a boss. To win, you must spin a slot machine that has five outcomes. To destroy him, you first need to match three pineapple icons to produce a variety of fruit.

To set his tongue on fire, throw pepper at him, then hit him with other fruits. Good RNG will ensure that the peppers appear conveniently so you can quickly finish the fight. Poor luck will mean you may need to spin the roulette multiple times and lose some time.

Run-Breaking RNG

Run-Breaking RNG (1)

Unlucky RNG results can cause a game to be canceled. Banjo-Kazooie is an example of this.

You will be asked questions about your adventures in Grunty’s Furnace Fun at the end of the game. You will be asked questions about Gruntilda, the game’s antagonist. These questions can be answered if you speak to Brentilda, her sister.

These questions can be answered in various ways, so the answers are inconsistent. Speedrunners don’t want to spend too much time with Brentilda, so they must guess the answers. It all comes down to luck – if they choose the wrong answer too often, they might die and lose a lot of time.

At the end of the Speedrun, this RNG-dependent section is frustrating because the runner has no choice but to hope that they are lucky. Speedrunners are not immune to these roadblocks. As the video below illustrates, they often find ways around them.

FAQs: What Is RNG In Gaming?

What Is an RNG Seed Number?

A random number generator (RNG) seed number is the initial number used in the RNG algorithm. When generating numbers randomly, this seed ensures that the numbers are consistent and in no particular order.

An RNG seed number is an initial number used in the RNG algorithm. This seed ensures that the numbers are consistent and in no particular order.

What is RNG logic?

Random number generation (RNG) is a process that generates a sequence or symbols using a device. This cannot be predicted better than by chance.

What is Apex RNG?

RNG is a random number generation. This system is commonly used in battle royale gaming to adjust in-game elements such as loot drops and quality randomly.

What are some common ways to generate a Random Number?

Random Number Generators are algorithms that generate a sequence of numbers, seemingly at random. Random number generators are used in everything from lottery numbers to dice rolls.

A Random Number Generator can be generated in a few common ways. One of the most common ways is a mathematical formula used to create a series of pseudo-random numbers.

What is the difference between RTP and RNG for Casino Games?

You will often see RTP (return-to-player percentage) when searching for information on RNG. RNG and RTP both indicate the fairness of a particular game.

However, they are vastly different. RTPs indicate how much of the initial stake is returned by players. In an ideal world, all games would have a 100% RTP. However, this is not true in practice. Respectable slot games have an RTP of between 90% and 96%.


All of the information concerning RNG is provided above. What effect does random number generation have on gamers? I appreciate your interest in this topic. Keep checking back for the most recent information, continually updated here!

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